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Jeff Heaton, Baker City, Oregon Biofeedback Specialist

February 12, 2018
Based on his medical training in biofeedback, several years ago, Jeff Heaton, Oregon native, formed Jeff Heaton PC and Associates, an organization that strives to assist patients find healing through biofeedback. While many such specialists show people how to use biofeedback to help them alleviate their stress and to gain a higher level of relaxation, Jeff Heaton and his team also help patients to find mindful treatments for a large number of physical conditions, including migraines and headaches, hypertension, asthma and even some types of chronic pain. This means they are more likely to find relief without having to resort to pharmaceuticals.

Jeff Heaton, Oregon biofeedback technician, uses his knowledge and skill to help patients learn to use their mind to heal, making them less likely to become addicted or suffer terrible side effects. Because he wants to help as many people in his community as possible, Jeff Heaton is always trying to learn new things. He studied physiological psychology and biofeedback at Southern Oregon University way back in 1979, completing his studies in 1981, but since then, he has attended the Oregon Health and Science University, studying something called neurodiagnostic technology. This technology uses proven methods and sophisticated equipment to diagnose problems with the brain and the entire nervous system. ]

Armed with so much knowledge, Jeff Heaton PC and Associates does whatever they can to encourage healing through the concept of mind over matter. After all, biofeedback is a technique for treatment that is based on the concept that any human being can use their mind to gain ultimate control over most bodily functions and thereby become more aware of what is happening inside the body and use that knowledge to control certain functions, including healing.